Reactive Lymphocyte

  1. Size can go upto 30 microns, which is much larger than a normal monocyte
  2. Nucleus may show areas of light staining which resemble nucleoli
  3. There will not be any vacuoles in the cytoplasm
  4. The cytoplasm will form contours with nearby RBC’s , and the edges will stain darker blue, than the rest of the cytoplasm


  1. The monocyte is larger than all the other cells, around 15–18 microns.
  2. It has a more convoluted nucleus
  3. The cytoplasm is more pale than that of a reactive lymphocyte
  4. The cytoplasm should show vacuoles, with debris.
  5. The cytoplasm does not form contours around neighbouring RBC’s.

References :

Hemolysis Chart
Hemolysis Chart

Techniques for Artificially Hemolysing EDTA samples

  1. Can the Roche hemolysis index be used for automated determination of cell-free hemoglobin? A comparison to photometric assays

The paper illustrates a method to prepare hemolyzed controls using EDTA samples from routine laboratory patients.

Self-made controls (n = 2) were prepared using fresh EDTA blood. EDTA blood, 120 g/L, artificially…

Elasticsearch is construed primarily as a search engine and log consumption system.

Most people advocate using something like MySQL/PostgreSQL/Mongo as the primary database and Es as an indexing backend.

ES can however, be used as a database, obviating the need for a primary database, altogether.

The motivation behind this is…

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