Using Delayed-Job With Elasticsearch As a Backend

Get Started

$ rails new delayed_job_rails_project --skip-active-record
# Gemfile
gem 'delayed_job_es'
$ bundle install
# app/jobs/background_job.rbclass BackgroundJob < ActiveJob::Base

queue_as :default

## Specify the queue adapter as delayed_job_es
self.queue_adapter = :delayed_job

self.logger = if Rails.env.test?
rescue_from(StandardError) do |exception|
puts exception.message
puts exception.backtrace.join("\n")

def perform(args)
puts "got the job"
puts args

# in the rails console, (you only need to do this once)
# on the console, start the job daemon
$ bundle exec rake jobs:work
# run this from the rails console, or from within your code.
BackgroundJob.perform_later({"hello" => "world"})



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